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Who we are

eksi provides specialist software solutions in retail and finance. In 2016 we embarked on our first project for UK rail.


Over the years we’ve undertaken consulting projects for major retailers and delivered specialist software and services to help integrate financial systems for UK train operating companies.

Right now we are focussing on delivering Hubview and deployment services to the UK rail sector for card and cash payments’ reconciliation.


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Software development

High productivity software development technologies have continued to evolve. Today the majority of business’ needs can be delivered with readily available easily adaptable solutions. But not all. In those areas where long-established systems with disparate standards need to exchange data robustly, we can provide the specialist out-sourced skills to make and maintain software connections.

Our specialist areas



Electronic point of sale (EPoS) price optimisation technologies


Financial reconciliation for electronic card payments cash processing & cash reconciliation

Subway Train


Hubview provides a simple hosted solution to manage and manipulate data feeds from virtually any source and format – sftp, email, api, SOAP, xml, JSON, and more - and deliver it converted, filtered or enriched in a standardised format to the recipient system. Hubview works daily to manage data feeds from EPoS – or ‘Ticket issuing System (TiS), Payments Service Providers, Acquiring Banks and cash processors – from dozens of different sources on behalf of multiple UK clients.

We are proud to continue to provide services to



From London Euston to Edinburgh, from Holyhead to Manchester Piccadilly, and back again.

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Since 2016 eksi has worked closely with Adra (part of Trintech) to deliver financial reconciliation solutions to UK train operating companies.